(Takes about 15 minutes to play)

Contains 60 Cards
  • 12 Grace Cards
  • 7 Sin Cards
  • 20 Good Works Cards
  • 20 Action Cards
  • 1 Miracle Card

This game contains the 7 deadly sins, and it's next to impossible to avoid them. The bad news is, if you got one, you die. That's right. The wages of sin is death. The game is over for you, and you can just watch the others have all of the fun... 

The GOOD NEWS is, there is one thing that can save you from sin - the grace card! Even if you draw a sin card, a grace card allows you to play on as if it never happened.

The last player standing wins. This will be the one who has most successfully avoided the sin cards by strategy and, above all, abundance of grace!


  • Lay 3 Grace Cards face up near the middle. This is the REST AREA.
  • Choose a dealer to shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards to each player,
  • Look at your cards, but don't show them to the other players.
  • If anyone gets any Sin Cards, trade them to the dealer for the next card(s) on the top. Dealer then shuffles the Sin Cards back into the deck.
  • Dealer places the deck face down in the middle. This is the DRAW PILE.
  • Player to the dealer's left goes first, and play continues clockwise.


You have a lot of freedom when it's your turn. God gives us choices, and this game does too.

You can play a card face up on the discard pile. Then you follow it's directions (if it's an action card). Or...

You can choose to play nothing, holding onto your cards, maybe saving them for later. Just draw a card from the draw pile, and your turn is over.

If you play a card, your turn is not over yet. You decide. You can play another card, then another, etc.

Your turn is not over until you draw from the draw pile. Every turn must end this way. (There is one exception. You can play a SKIP CHURCH card, and you don't have to draw a card from the draw pile.)

There is no minimum or maximum number of cards you can hold in your hand. You are not trying to get rid of all of your cards, and if you do, you are not out of the game.



The Grace Card saves you from sin. There are more of these cards than any other in the deck,  because where sin abounds, grace much MORE abounds.

If you draw a SIN KILLS card, you can play the Grace Card to stay in the game. You then insert the Sin Card back into the draw pile according to the number of cards in your hand.

(Example: If you have 0 cards, it goes on top. If you have 1 card, place it after the top card. If you have 2 cards, under the top 2 cards, etc.)

*In the event you draw more than one sin card from an accusation (see GOOD WORKS cards), a grace card covers them all. You're safe. Both Sin Cards go back into the draw pile. Grace covers ALL sin.


You are dead immediately, unless you have a grace card.


If you don't have a grace card, discard all of your cards, including the sin card. It does NOT go back in the draw pile. You're out. Just enjoy the snacks.


These blue cards have no power on their own, but collecting them can have strategic value:

1.  You're aware that some people think that their good works allow them to judge others, right?

Well, if you collect a matching pair, the good works put you in a position to accuse any other player of sin. You play the pair of good works cards and designate who has to draw 3 cards from the draw pile. I know it sounds bad, but you're trying to win, right?

You still have to end your turn by drawing a card after that.

The down side of accusing another player, is that it may hurt your chance of getting a grace card later, because...

2.  Instead of using your good works to accuse someone of sin, you may want to trade them for grace by playing a matching TRIO of Good Works cards. If there is a Grace Card in the REST AREA, you can have it.


If you are accused of sin by someone with a matching pair of good works cards, you do NOT have to draw the required 3 cards from the draw pile. Instead, you pass the blame to the next player to your left, and that person draws the 2 cards, even if it is the accuser.

*This card is only useful when you are accused of sin by another player. It does NOT save you from a Sin Card.


Every player gives you a card (if they have one).


Take a peak at the top card on the draw pile, then put it back on top.


Cut the draw pile. This may be the power you need to change the game.


You don't have to draw a card. This may keep you from being condemned by sin, but you also may miss out on something good.


This card allows you to trade hands with any player!



It's all about that GRACE!